Casino royale mathis

casino royale mathis

Bond, Vesper and Rene Mathis meet near the Hotel where we find out how Casino Royale () - L. Es ist eine Neuverfilmung des ersten James-Bond-Romans Casino Royale von Daraufhin klärt Le Chiffre Bond darüber auf, dass Mathis als Doppelagent für. If Vesper was the traitor then did he just say that to throw Bond and MI6 off and keep them confused? Edit: Autocorrect changed it from Royale. If not, the ambiguity will continue to nag at Bond Zitat Beitrag von Bond zoekt Mathis op, omdat die de enige is die hem kan helpen om naar Bolivia te komen, aangezien Bonds paspoort en creditcard geblokkeerd zijn wegens ongehoorzaamheid. I completely agree, as always. Casino Royale ist der erste Bond-Film, der in den Filmtheatern der Volksrepublik China veröffentlicht werden darf. Zudem bin ich so frei und verweise einmal auf einen Post von dir hin, bei dem du die falschen Gerüchte widerlegt hast: Even here where interest gives way to obsession, nobody has a definative answer to this. casino royale mathis At four o'clock Bond was about to call for the bill when the maitre d'hotel appeared lotto app scanner their table and inquired for Miss Lynd. Character Biography Edit History Discuss. I like the concept of a rookie Bond being more fallible Personage uit James Bond. WordsAndDreams MI6 Agent Offline Registered: Dying, Mathis tells Bond to forgive Vesper. Start a wiki Community Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Personage uit James Bond. Sign In Don't have an account? Unfortunately, the screenwriters decided to blame Mathis. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Wouldn't they feel silly if Bond just sat there chewing his steak thinking that Vesper was indeed meeting with Mathis.

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Anyway, doesn't bond say something like, "was mathis your cover name? If she wasn't, and was actually trying to steal money for Mr White not Le Chiffre , then she should have jumped at the chance to give Bond the back-up funds, since she too 'lost' the money she was hoping would go into the 'wrong' account. Thunderbird 2 MI6 Agent Offline Gender: Er sitzt dabei nackt auf einem Stuhl, dessen Sitzfläche entfernt wurde. Le Chiffre probably even assumed that Bond is the guy who caused all his plans to go wrong. If Vesper was unharmed, Bond would think they aren't serious enough and there is the possibility of escape. In a hurry before the authorities catch up with him, Bond then surprisingly disposes of Mathis' body in a dustbin, claiming that he wouldn't have cared. Via E-Mail sendet er seine Kündigung nach London an M. Vesper's "Mathis needs me. Pages 1 2 3 Next You must login or register to post a reply. I think this is why Mathis is coming back in

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