Casino royale poker scene

casino royale poker scene

Casino Royale - I'm the money - Duration: schmingledaddy 2,, views · · James Bond. When Daniel Craig took over as James Bond, it was questionable whether he would be able to live up to the iconic character. Thankfully. Now, this probably won't interest or make much sense to *non- poker I've played just enough poker to find a scene in Casino Royale to be a. With two spades on the board, a higher flush is going to beat him, so he's playing the straight flush or nothing. It wasn't until about that the poker boom died down, due to the economy and tightening of internet tables. Assuming that he's this genius poker player, he played the hand so poorly that it belies his supposed Bond Villain-level of poker expertise, which makes it a plot hole. Thankfully though he lived up to this task, and became one of the best. But while these actions at the table might fit the fantastic world of Casino Royale , they hardly suit the real one of live poker. PokerNews, follow us on Twitter LearnPokerNews! Of course, the short stacks absolutely have to go all in. And I don't understand how some Redditors are saying, "Are you kidding? Id bet they even had a pro player as a consultant on the scene. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Cookies help us deliver our services. Scenario 1 He beats Bond, loses to 1 short stack. casino royale poker scene Therefore Bond is likely to be bluffing. Well, AK or AQ is best case scenario, but even spielautomaten-spiele direkt spielen, his hand is susceptible to the board hitting an 8 assuming he's not thinking another has or the board hitting 2 high pairs to get him outkicked, or just another K or Q to hit for higher 2 pair. If visitors want to try play money or real money games, sign up through Learn. By folding, LeChiffre would have had 2 players eliminated. He pushed with an AAKKK and lost to 4 of a kind. And I don't understand how some Redditors are saying, "Are you kidding? But he should also be shoving flush draws off the hand, which he didn't. The final hand worked perfectly for him. Without some indication that his opponents aren't holding boats, it's a stupid assumption that his flush would be any good at all. Who folds a full house??? There are four players left in the game and all of them received their two pocket cards.

Casino royale poker scene - Casino

Therefore Bond is likely to be bluffing. William Hill is one of the biggest gambling companies in the world. The odds will get more interesting for him after the flop—the three common cards that are dealt at the same time. Very short handed like that, you would probably expect bond to have the flush. The probability for a fourth Ace to be in play is rather low. Whether A-8 or trips, LeChiffre has more outs than Bond and doesn't need to hit them to beat him. Instead, he called a triple all-in -- including one that covered him -- with the 2nd-best boat and 4th best possible hand. I'm definitely not saying that he would be raising with suited every time or even half the time. No one in Bond's position is thinking of losing to a bigger straight flush, especially if it takes perfect-perfect on the turn and river. What does Bond gain by bluffing? The final hand worked perfectly for him. Even if we assume the two short stacks are wannabe rich guys just looking for a thrill and not real players I mean, how 88 doesn't push when he flops the trips AS SHORT STACK is beyond me there's no way for me to accept LeChiffre's decisions given his hand and the stakes. And the bluff would cost him an all-in.

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